Canadian Importing and Exporting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Canada does a lot of business with a lot of different countries. However, there is one country that does A LOT of trading with Canada… Can you guess which one?

When you take the scope and focus of Canada’s imports, you’ll see that it was 10th in the world in imports, settling in with $405 billion. The country has seen its imports rise at a steady annual rate of 1.4 percent. In 2010, Canada imported around $368 billion, but increased that number all the way to $405 billion 2015…Not bad work for five years!

Canadian Startup Success Stories: Hootsuite

As part of our new series about Canadian Startups, today we are going to take a look at social media client creator Hootsuite. In an era where most apps that manage social media accounts have faded into mobile history, Hootsuite crossed the 2 million user mark within their first three years. Their continued success and longevity in a volatile market can be attributed to their iron-clad commitment to standing by a an ideal until it becomes reality. It has achieved on-par status with numerous other tech giants thanks to their software-as-service/free-to-premium strategy.

While their heavyweight competitors like Evernote and Dropbox are also still on the rise well past their two million user milestone, Hootsuite has still showed no signs of slowing even in the face of such fierce competition. Their secret sauce for growth is an amalgam of international expansion, community building, and targeted outreach for crowd-sourced multi-language support.

How did this small Canadian mobile software developer achieve their current success so rapidly though? What is the story behind the rise to stardom? Here is a rundown.